Circus acrobats backstage at Paleo Festival in Switzerland

Back At It

Called in sick until after dance, which meant that I started my day with equilibe.  Not too bad.  I like how Larissa drills us on the starting up into handstands and the way she gives us cool criticisms.  Also how we learn Russian at the same time.  When we did crocodiles, The Clown said he could see my “pee pee.”  Bymba has been gone all week too.  I am worried that it is related to that job he was offered in Australia.  Tumbling I continued work on my side summies which are coming along.  Martine, the dance instructor was watching, though, and I felt bad that I had missed her class.  The Trampolinist and I scheduled a time to work on our piece, though.  Trampo was typical, the combos she’s giving me are hard, like ½ front to ½ back ½ repeated 5 times.  Then, The Trapezist and I did some of the strength stuff I had been working on.  I think it will be pretty cool if we stay on it, particularly for my flexi!  Then I hung out with The American, but we just talked about the NYC thing.  Boring.  Anyway.

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