Four very tired circus artists waiting to catch their train back to the streets


Theater class was pretty good.  The Clown, The Trapezist and I ended up doing another stage combat scene in which The Clown was a tough guy, I held on to his shirt, and we picked on The Trapezist who kicked our butts.  I took a long nap in the weight room after class, and then had another class with Larissa, which was fun.  Tumbling was frustrating because I was not getting side summies at all, and then in trampo I had a nasty fart in my belly that was distracting me and not letting me really work well.  It’s hard to hold gas in when you jump on that thing.  Tightwire was tightwire.  The only interesting thing was that The American asked The Clown why he always picks on her, and he said “Because I think you are funny.”  Russian bar was a no-go because one of the porters was not here, so I worked with The Acrobat on side summie and capoeira.  It is pretty hard, capoeira, but rewarding, I think.  The sides are coming much better, and I was soloing them over a mat.  I want to take them to the street, soon.  Three-highs were tough.  They did not tell me that the middle guy has the hardest job.  I need to relax my feet and work on staying as stiff as a ladder.  In Teeterboadr I did my first solo jump backwards, but not before I did a couple of buckaroos into the pit.  Hopefully this will improve with time.  I also worked with Andre on getting my running salto off the wall to look better.  So far not much luck, though.

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