Poster for an acrobatic circus streetshow

Circus Artists In The Zoo

Ah, yes.  Sunday school.  Today was the Montreal “Day of Culture” so the school was full of curious onlookers watching us train.

Dance was better than usual, despite the problems of having people come up and watch us throwing off my concentration a bit at the bar.  Actually, usually dance goes pretty well.  It was just the last class that was a little off.  Working on the dance project was also better.  It is just a matter of creativity.  We have fixed the dance problem to some degree, now we need to have more contact and more creativity.  Ha ha.  Easy.  Ha ha. 

I had my first equilibe class with Larissa.  Byamba thinks it is good for me to work with her.  She speaks almost only Russian, with a little French and English and supposedly Japanese, so she has a translator hang out with her.  She is pretty tough, and wants me to switch to the two-fingered grip.  I guess I have to!  Lot’s of flexibility work needed (duh), she said that the girls will help me.  They better!  Strength conditioning as well.  It was fun.  She introduced a hands-together drill and a lot of good strength exercises that we are supposed to do every day.  At the end of class, she taught us how to do a traditional russian circus bow and how to say thank you and goodbye in Russian.  We also learned “Hands together,” “good,” and “ladder.”  Of course I have forgotten all of that.  Then was tumbling, but nothing great happened there except that I was feeling no pain.  My arm even seems to be doing what my mind tells my body to do!  Knock wood.  Still clicks and catches, and was a bit weak this morning, but ah well.

Trampo was good, didn’t learn any new skills but did improve my back drop a lot.  My back tucks suffered for it a bit, though, I think.

It was fun feeling the energy of the school during the open house.  Lots of fun things were going on like russian bar and planche, and three of the upperclassmen’s YMCA hand to hand routine stole the show.  There were some cute girls coming through as well!

I didn’t mention that I have been training in the back tuck off of the wall trick on trampo.  It is coming along well, but I need to fight that slight turn to the left that I always do.

Then we went off to have our first ever evaluation concept meeting at The Trapezist’s house.  Only The Clown, The Flyer, The Acrobat, The Trapezist and I went.  The Acrobat did two great side salto’s off of things on the way.  Absolutely effortless.  When we got to The Trapezist’s, The Clown tried to take a leadership position.  He threw out his ideas and tried to take charge.  Didn’t work like that all at once, though.  What started to work much better was for everyone to throw out their ideas but in a structured way.  Only a few people really contrinuted any ideas though.  Mine was to have the performers be everyday people, The Acrobat added that it should be a dream sequence of a homeless guy to make it crazy and surreal, and The Clown agreed.  We want there to be some very dark elements, and for everything to be wild.  I have an idea for an explosion of group juggling with balls.  Lots of room to play with tempos and things like that.  All-in-all it was an intereting study in group dynamics.  Some of the people in our group did not show up because it was too far for them or because they forgot or something.  The Clown was pretty mad, but I think that things will happen as they happen.  Of course I think that some of their behavior was unprofessional too, but they will learn.

Then everyone but The Clown and The Trapezist and I left, and we talked for a bit. 

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