The Canadian Olympic curling team! (four street show acrobats in France)

The Gang

Okay.  Let’s catch up.  The summary is that this weekend, as weird as it is with having a four day week last week and a six day week coming up, has seemed to last forever.  Pizza night was pretty laid back, The Trapezist, The Aerialist, The Clown, The Artist, and myself.  Nice and chill, oh The Contortionist was there too, and we decided to go and check out the party at The Funambulist’s since The Clown, The Contortionist, and I were not going to go to the history of circus class after all.  The Trapezist was still talking about how tough it is to get a straight answer out of me, and The Contortionist was also being chummy, so I was having a nice time.  At The Funambulist’s, we were the only group there at first.  We played around a bit, seeing if I would look good holding a cigarette and stuff like that.  A good party, and The Clown was (of course) talking a lot about sex.  He said at the end that he enjoys my since of dry sense of humor.  At one point, The Trapezist posed me to look like a crime boss with my Ukrainian shirt open halfway and with The Artist and The Clown on each side of me as bodyguards.  The Funambulist let me play the bottlecaps game with her roommate, and I got pretty good at it.

Then I went to the school again yesterday to meet for a brunch that the kids were planning.  All of them were looking pretty dazed as they came out of the place.  The concensus was: good but long.  Brunch was great, right on St. Catherine street, and I had french pancakes with an ommelette in it.  Good, but huge.  People kept stealing my food and stuff.  Talked with The Trapezist again, and then we all went ot The Artist’s and watched “Night at the Roxbury” in French.  I told The Clown “I’m worried that we are those guys.”  He said “I thinking that since the beginning of the movie.”  I left for a while before the big party that would be at their place later.  The Clown and I tried to get the “Night at the Roxbury” Soundtrack as well as the album with “Push It” on it, but we couldn’t find it.

When I got to the party, it was basically a huge juggling fest.  Then it became a festival of equilibre and main a main skills.  The Trapezist wanted to try everything, and I was still feeling weak in my shoulder, so I ended up spotting more than porting.  When I tried to be a flyer on The Mentor, I realized that I had not done that since free training at the beginning of the year.  I need to get that stuff in shape!

The Trapezist’s friend from the trapezium was there and according to The Trapezist was feeling a little sad that she had not gotten into the school.  Additionally she evidentially has a crush on one of the upperclassmen. 

My planche’s were being held pretty well!

Today was Cirque du Soleil.  It was fun going there for their open house with pretty much the whole gang again.  We rushed through most of the tour, running into one of the upperclassmen who was working as a clown there, and then stopped off at the gymnasium where we saw a girl who was going to replace a handbalancer who was leaving one of the shows.  She was pretty good, very rhythmic gymnastic-y.  We also saw a little russian swing, but nothing more than a back tuck.  In the kids play area, some of our gang did some handstands and one arm planches and hand-to-hand, while The Tumbler did some tumbling.  I did a planche.  Then we played on a smooth floor where I did turtles and got spun around by my feet.

Turns out The Trapezist did not spend the night, but she did stay until 7am, leaving when The Clown did.  I told The Artist I was not going to get in his way, but The Clown said he might.  The Artist and I are similar in many ways, The Clown is different.  We are a good mix of three, though.  Maybe I go to see a dance show tonight since Deb Brown’s thing is sold out.  What a weekend!

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