The injury is not much better, and it hurts, now.  I don’t know if that is a good or a bad sign.  Flexibility was fine, but I was apprehensive about letting The Acrobat do our typical “make me cry” routine on my shoulders.  I went ahead anyways. 

People here think eating apples with peanut butter is weird. 

Dance class was the worst.  We were shown the combinations that we need to learn for the assessment, and they were pretty tough.  Then for the piece we need to put together, my partner and I were told that we were just doing hand to hand, and not real dance.  So we need to “do something that no one has ever seen before”  i.e., we need to start over from the beginning and retool.  Yuk. 

Equilibe was fine, but I was working alone and my shoulder was weak and hurt.  Tumbling was blah.  Trampoline at least was okay because I was getting skills like my back drop and front somersault a little bit more consistent and with slightly better form.  I said I sucked so I bent my legs, and Caroline said that I was good.  Thanks for the support, Caroline. 

There were some good moments to the day, though.  The first was Sylvain approaching me to ask me if I wanted to do a columns and pyramids with some people who had done it last year.  Of course I said yes, so it looks like 30 minutes of my Monday evenings will go to that.  Basically, if I am offered an opportunity, I have decided that my blanket answer will always be yes.  Then I just need to make it work. 

Not two minutes after that, Isabelle came up to me to try to figure out if I can switch to an intro equilibe class with Byamba.  We can maybe make it work, but I might have to be moved into equilibre 3.   That would not be a problem, though, I shouldn’t think.  I just need to look out for my arm. 

I joked with Alex telling him that I would spot The Star for her cradle act.  Ha ha.

I also watched the documentary “variations on a new generation” which had some alums of the school in it.  Reminded me that there could be a very special bond there if I let it happen.