Four acrobats doing a circus street show as they travel through France


Got an okay amount of sleep, I thought, before the cable guy came to install the cable TV and Internet access.  Trampo started out okay, but I am still really flaky when it comes to back drops.  ITA and juggling were as to be expected, but I was so hungry by the end.  I was also picking up vibes that The Trapezist and one of her friends is frustrated with me for some reason or another, they are both being kind of cold. 

Hand to hand was tough without a left arm, and I decided not to do any supplementary equilibe today.  We did do neck to neck balances today, though, which was fun.

I felt really slow and dumb today, which was weird.

Started thinking about how to teach circus in the context of theater for the Masque kids today.  Basically, expanding the body’s limits so that you are well prepared to undertake anything you might want to.

Movement was weird.  After the yoga stuff, we put blindfolds on and wandered around the room with weird sounds or whispering or yelling in made-up languages.  Kind of fun, but I was not in the mood for it.

The Aerialist has a torn ligament, and will need surgery.  Makes you take stock, you know?  I told her that she needs to stay happy and these months will still prove to be productive for her.  I told her I had surgery too, and that it is not as bad as it initially seems.

Of course I would not have believed it at the time, either.



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