Acrobats travelling to New York doing tricks on the Brooklyn Bridge

Ah, Free Training

Just went into the gym for musculation.  It was nice to have The Artist be all happy to see me.  I jumped on the teeterboard for some of the high school students for a bit, and then just did weights.   

The toilet overflowed, and the high school students who still haven’t figured out the lat slap want me to show it to everyone he meets.  There are all these conspiracy theories as to how I do it. 

Ordered cable and internet service today.  Hope I can afford it! 

My arm was better today, but after training it was back to the same.  I just need to take it easy. 

Feel bad that I did not help The Aerialist and The Frenchman paint their place, especially since The Aerialist is injured.  I will see if they can use help tomorrow. 

Maybe tonight there is a movie at The Artist’s place. 

I am sleepy!

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