Social Scene

Started the day with flexibility.  The Trapezist questioned whether The Acrobat and I maybe stretch each other too hard.  I have to wonder too since my left arm is sort of weak when I try to lift something palm down in front of my body along the center line.  I also felt a twinge in a cartwheel-roundoff combo there.  Bummer.  It feels kind of weak, but I hope that it is just a pinched nerve type deal like I had back in my junior year at MIT. 

Dance was okay, but I was told I need to wear fitted clothes.  I thought so, but I got lax since the high school students never seemed to get in trouble for it.  Now I need to play it right, though.  Worked with my partner a little more on the piece, I think that it will come out okay.  I just  wanted to get the structure of the music down so that I could work on it over the weekend in my mind. 

The combos and stuff are tough for me to remember, and I get teased for it, but I like that.  I let it run off my back and that is really what will win you friends and make a person be well liked.  It is tough to be that secure, though, really. 

Equilibre was funny because Byamba accidentally killed a bug and was pretty surprised.  He had been trying to push it into a hole to trap it there, but in doing so accidentally cut it in half and both halves kept on freaking out and running around. 

Acro was a little boring, as was trampo, but then came training in Russian bar.  It was pretty rough,. Didn’t even get a jump in, and some of the other flyers were having an off day, too.  I attribute it to my flexibility, maybe, as I was really loose in trampo as well.  Straps Guy jumped up and whipped out a back full.  What a jerk. 

Then came teaching with the kids.  It was a lot of fun, and I really did not have too many communication problems.  I just need to have them continue to like and respect me and everything will go well.  Doing hand to hand with the little ones is going to be a lot of fun.  As a porter, they are incredibly light.  One of them was funny because she kept thinking she was hurting me.  Not likely! 

After they left, I decided I was going to be able to do back and front fulls on the trampo (with crap form, probably), and just did it.  This is fun, and it made me feel a little crazy.  Nice. 

Ah yes, then.  Party at The Contortionist’s.  One of the first years was complaining that I never talk to her about me despite the fact that she always told me her secrets.  I said that I was always honest, and that it is not possible to try to be honest.  Trying is in itself dishonest.  I also said that you can  not simultaneously trust yourself and doubt yourself.  There is one or the other, and the same for another person, as well.  There was a sort of “I told you, so now you need to tell me,” sort of thing going on.  I don’t like being manipulated like that – I don’t like to open up to everyone and get emotional.  I don’t get upset.  She said I am too rational and wanted to know if this was what dating me was like.  It is better to say nothing and have it all be the truth than to say stuff that could be dishonest.  She said that she drops hints and people are too stupid to pick up on them.  I said I know that the hints are being dropped, but didn’t want to be manipulated.  She spent the rest of the night talking with The Clown. 

The Contortionist asked me to got to the depanneur with her, but it was closed.  We had a nice talk about the first month.  She said that she thinks that sports people are going to have the hardest time switching to circus.

Also talked with The American.  She is one who wants her secrets to be dragged out of her.  Talking about bad experiences in high school and stuff like that in a most mysterious way.  My feeling is that if you want people to know you were raped or beaten or whatever, just come out ant say it.  Don’t drop mysterious hints.  She is getting financially assisted to live alone and all that.  I’d like to stay socially ambiguous.  I think I’m not a fan of flirting for flirting sake.

It was funny seeing some of the upperclassmen scratching on the record player.

On the way to the party, we did a show in the metro tunnel, The Tumbler did a full, and we all rode up the escalator in different positions.  The Porter’s one armed planche was the best, in my opinion. 

Got home around 3:45 AM after checking email.  Good day.

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