Acrobat on stage on tour in Spain

Injuries Abound

Started out like crap, but this day really ended up being a great one.  I got a ton of sleep, from 11:30 until around 10:20, but that didn’t keep me from being about 5 minutes late for physical conditioning.  I have to make a choice here, and I think it will start next week.  I need to be at the school by 8:30 in the morning every day if I really want to live the full training experience.  This involves independent strength, flexibility, and handstand work, as well as supplemental tumbling. 

Physical conditioning was cool in that I still try do more than asked, but also, today, I moved up into two new categories of training.  Instead of pushups (which I still need to do) I do hollow body to handstand, and instead of assisted pullups, I do them unassisted on the trapeze.  Yeah!  I think Esteban doesn’t care that I was late. 

The Trampo, I did my first forward somersault with Carol, so that was cool.  I also learned a back drop with a full twist, but it is really hard to do with the right technique. 

I did finally bring my food with me back to the school, and I think that my body thanks me a great deal! 

ITA was nothing special, but I got to fly again on cradle!  Richard was out again today for some reason.  I did a swing to pike hold to back somersault.  It was great.  I mean, not my technique, but the way it felt. 

Learned new juggling tricks in juggling, including throwing all three balls high in the air, and throwing two up and passing one behind my back.  Then I worked passing balls with three people.  Unicycle hurts the penis! 

Hand to hand was okay, I am liking getting the opportunity to bench press all of these girls three times each.  I think I am coming into the realization of how to use my strength, and I think it is actually helping me be stronger.

I did a bit of handbalancing near Byamba, who gave me my set of handbalancing blocks today!  I am so flattered.  I tried them out a bit, and it works great.  They are so cool.  He saw me working planche and I also have decided that working press handstands is something that I should not stop doing at all, so I did ten today. 

Health and nutrition was good in that we analyzed the food we ate, and I found that I ate more than a marathon runner would!  She said that that is okay, though, because of the level of energy we are putting out as long as we do not go over our ideal weight for ourselves. 

Then was pizza night.  There were so many injuries today, though.  First was The Clown who just noticed big time instability in his knee and went to the doctor who said he had to come back next week.  He is out for at least four days. 

The Aerialist in hand to hand fell right on her knee and says she heard a snap.  I felt bad for her just seeing her being so downhearted. 

Pizza night was fun, anyways.  There was The Tumbler, The Contortionist, The Trapezist, The Artist, The Clown, and me.  I was told I was being a bit “American” a bit in the context of being logical and rational about The Trapezist’s boyfriend situation.  She thinks I’m hard about things like that, and she is definitely right about that. 


We were talking about an upperclass girl that all of the guys there find attractive but the three girls there all jumped on her saying that she is all high on herself.  That’s partly what’s attractive about her, though!  If the gossip is to believed, there are also swingers at the school. 

Anyway, it was a good night, and I felt like I was in America with a bunch of worldly friends.  Can’t get used to that, though if I want to learn French.

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