Circus acrobats travelling on a day trip to New York


Woke up later than I planned, and got to school at 10:15AM thinking that I could do the running assessment and then take off to get my social insurance number so that I can start working at the school.  Turns out, however, that the running assessment started at 10 and finished at 10:20!  So I have my first unexcused absence from the school.  That’s no good!  I don’t think that it will be frowned upon too harshly, however, since many other first years missed the assessment as well.  It was not very well publicized.  I did eight minutes, but probably could have gone longer if I had not (very hopefully) thought that I was being told to stop when The American was asked to stop.  Now I realize that It doesn’t matter if you hit the red line each time, just that your pace is not faltering too far behind everyone else’s. 

After the assessment I went to get my card.  It really did not take very long at all. 

When I got back, I talked with Pierre a little bit about my plan for the handbalancing and acro number in an office theme with two walls that come together at an angle that I have been thinking about.  He seemed keen on the idea and had some useful advice.  Pierre talked about adding a bench at a weird angle.  I like it in theory, but I think that it will take away from the office idea that I really like.  He also though of maybe having only one wall, which might work if it was very clear that it was the wall of an office and not just a decoration.  It would add to the surrealism. 

I decided with Caroline that I would just do trampoline as a minor, not tissue tramp.  It is everything that I need to be working on right now, and those things are necessary for tissu.  It just made sense.  Made her laugh like mad when we discovered that for twisting skills parallel to the bed, I twist left while for everything else I twist right.  I said “shit.”  And then “or tabarnac!  As they taught me.”  She couldn’t stop laughing.  I guess it is a pretty bad phase!  Mental note.

ITA was utterly uneventful as was juggling.  Sort of hit a low period there, except that I got to throw one of the upperclassmen who I think is easily the sexiest girl in the school.  She talked to me the other day.  In French, so I didn’t understand much, but I was flattered.  She is so high up there. 

The Mentor got injured a bit yesterday doing main et main with that girl with braces who I never remember the name of.  She missed a salto to his hands from his hands, and he ended up getting her crotch in his face at high velocity since she over-rotated in the belt.  He was on the ground and didn’t look happy, but I talked to him later and he said it was a little stiff but that it was okay.  He performed last night, so I thought no more of it, but then today he took a nap and I guess woke up in incredible pain in his neck, according to The Acrobat.  I walked by the weight room and saw Richard there trying to calm someone ( I though it was The Mentor), and so it had me worried.  I hope all is well. 

Movement was a little boiring.  Just some mat yoga and weirdness involving circular movement that made me really dizzy.  I am sleepy!

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