Standing with my handstand teacher from circus school

Byamba’s Back

I barely got to acting in time, but made it.  I’m starting to get the hang of what it takes to be successful in that class.  For example, the key is playfulness, and when we had to do follow the leader, I had the idea to start clapping.  Everyone of course started clapping, so I bowed, and of course they all stopped.  It was fun and it definitely felt right.  

Handbalancing was dumb, especially since I wanted to work with Byamba, and tumbling was fun, started work on side summies.  I did what I always do in trampo, but I need to learn that damn routine or I will disappoint my teacher.  I still do 2x the amount of conditioning that I am supposed to do, however. 

Then was fil de fer, and that was okay, but I seemed pretty tense, didn’t do as well .  Tried to learn how to sit on the wire, but that is hard and it hurts! 

Found out that tow of our classmates broke up with their boyfriends over the weekend.  While each are still pretty upset they’ve also totally changed their demeanor at school, very flirty, etc.  

Everyone seems to be sick or injured and tired.  I’m a bit concerned about The Frenchman, who The Aerialist says had a lot of uncontrollable bleeding out of his nose.  He saw the doctor today. 

Had a brief talk with The Trapezist about my training philosophy and that of my Dad.  She doesn’t agree with the idea of needing to be the “best,” but maybe understood it better when I put it in terms of not being redundant in any way.  Byamba was funny when one of us said “Shit” after falling.  “Not shit, shoot.  Not shit, shoot.  Shoot.”  It’s good to have him back.

The I did Russian Bar again!  It is so much fun, and I feel it much, much better.  The key is to really feel the bar and to let yourself fall.  My big problem now is tensing when I do the tempo.  That needs to change! The other thing is letting myself fall after being caught.  They will fix any problems.  I can not adjust in the air! 

Then I was a porter.  Even though I could be good at it, it hurts and it is not as fun.  As my partner put it, “I don’t think he’s coming back; he keeps watching the teeterboad.” 

And I was!  The Artist and two of the high school students are definitely the best.  Some of the others, like The Tumbler and The Trampolinist are a little scary.  “Buckaroo,” as they call it.  The Trapezist was excited to try, but when she saw it, she got spooked.  Fifteen minutes before practice ended, I asked If I could do it, and The Trapezist decided to join as well.  First it was just one person jumping and I did an okay layout.  Then with two people jumping, I did a layout and a half.  I told The Trapezist, “That’s as bad a landing as you can make, and I’m fine!”  Nonetheless, she buckarooed hers, and I got a second shot, this time, trying the jump without a spotter.  The first time, too late and I buckarooed.  The second time, I went to early and buckarooed.  The third time I hit it, did a wicked high layout, pulled in, and did another nice layout with the secondary students cheering.  That was cool.  Next time triple!  The Artist was a bit hurt after a botched full-in, but I think he’ll be okay.  Then I played for a while, with standing halfs, gainers, and fronts.  The key to control in the air is staying absolutely tight all the time! 

Then I went with The Porter to a fashion show that had The Mentor, the funny girl from the secondary program, The Unicyclist, and a few other people in it.  It was a good show with good music, there was a great sense of circus camaraderie, and I was glad to be friends with all the people there.  

I need to deal with the Canadian government tomorrow, so I better head to bed.  Night!

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