Back In The Saddle

Ah.  So either getting 10 hours of sleep or going to bed at 11 or eating two cheeseburgers made a huge difference. Things were much better.  I had so much more energy, and I had so much of a better attitude.  I think at some point I might include caloric data as well as sleep and wake times to correlate how well my days go.  

Physical preparation was a breeze, the only hard stuff for me is lower body things.  This is frustrating not only because of my injury, but also because I want to be a tumbler to no small degree.  When Esteban gives us a number of a certain exercises to do, I always add between five and ten repetitions to that number.  This is my attempt to stay above the expectations.  The last five or so extra that I do I consider to be for me; the first fifteen or so were for the class. 

Trampoline was fun, too.  I started to work on some more difficult routines, but was able to get through them all at least once.  The trick now is to hit them all with form. 

The only good thing about ITA today is that Alexander said “Bravo, Tanabe” to me after class.  I had just served as a solo porter in the cradle and not screwed up.  Made me feel pretty proud.  He is a tough guy and he is hard to please, but it makes it that much more of a big deal when you do please him. 

Juggling was juggling, but we did three person ball passing today and the teacher showed me some hat tricks.  She was impressed with my progress on the bouncing juggling and the circle juggling. 

Finally, hand to hand was hand to hand, but The Trapezist said “you are really strong, eh?” after I did a lift with her.  It is this sort of thing that makes me want to train harder and harder.  The expectations are continually raised for me, and I need to improve at a rate that is keeps up with those expectations. 

I did equilibre today on my own and was able to hit ten of each of the handstand kickups, tucked, straddled, and piked, as well as my full static strength workout.  As can be expected, my static strength was a little weak, that’s what happens when you do it three days running, but that is also the way of circus. 

I am trying to think of how I can boil this experience down into a class to give the Masque kids this summer.  I think it will be doable. 

I also did a bit of a tumbling contest with The Hotshot and the Trampolinist.  We tried to see who could do the furthest dive roll and front tuck.  They won, but only by a few inches.  I like that sort of competition.  I am really enjoying the “Book of Five Spheres,” which an MIT friend gave me as a going away present. 

Pizza was next, and hanging out with the kids is as fun as ever.  We went to Ban Thai, The Clown, The Artist, The Contortionist, The Aerialist, The Frenchman, and an upperclassman, The Porter.  It was fun.  French and German and Quebec lessons all around.  I taught The Aerialist how to sit like an American; she is always so prim and proper looking! 

Whoa boy.  I want to get to sleep earlier tonight so that I can continue this streak.

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