The World Trade Center Collapsed

 Woke up to the world trade center collapsing, and the rest of the day was very surreal.  Nothing interesting happened in circus training, and I was pretty cold in general, so there isn’t much to say there except that it looks like tissu-tramp is a no-go. 

As for the towers, there is a lot of cynicism there.  American policy is definitely to blame if it is in fact due to terrorists, so that leaves blame on the American policy makers.  Could these towers have collapsed just from the plane impacts?  Bush’s address felt awkward, like he was uncertain of what his role as president is here. 

There are amateur videos coming out documenting this event from every perspective.  People can’t admit to themselves how fascinated they are with this stuff.  Ebay will be auctioning pieces of the world trade center soon.  George Bush looks like he can use it to get the nation riled up to back any offensive move he can make.  Movie directors will be combing through the footage to make better disaster scenes.  TLC and Discover channel will be running “Terror Weeks” talking about terrorist attacks through history.  In five years the first conspiracy documentaries will come out. 

The drama is brought to the forefront – we get details about people falling out of elevators with no skin, terrorists armed over with knives, people jumping out of buildings looking like they had ‘melted into the sidewalk’ after they hit.  

Blah.  I need to sleep.  Didn’t get to bed when I wanted to and slept too late. 

At school things kept moving forward.  Movement was fun, and the teacher said I enjoy it because I like to play.  Caroline said I am good at a lot of different things and that this is my problem – finding focus.

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