Circus acrobat fooling around on a roadtrip to New York City

Why We Need 10 Hours of Sleep

I got to bed at around 12:30 last night.  I had Theater class today at 8:30 and got there just as the class was starting. 

At the party last night, I got good advice:  Stick to the stuff I need a coach for this year as a minor (tissu tramp), and train handstands myself.  Then I can decide if I want to switch majors without losing any sleep over these things.  I also watched a poor spider hang on for dear life as The Artist and The Clown shot bottlecaps at it.  It would vibrate madly for a while, and then somehow magically stop itself. 

Today was a blur of sleepiness, really.  Being tired in acting is no fun.  I slept for an hour and a half after that, and made it through handstands and half of tumbling.  Didn’t learn anything new, just trying to keep my energy up.  I was all over the bed in trampoline today, but Caroline said my front drop and seat drop looked pretty good.  I finally got the back drop feeling as well. 

Finally, fil de fer!  It was great.  Got to see how to set it up, walked forwards, backwards, in a shuffle, and with a bow inbetween each step.  After, I set up a minitramp and tried some tissu tramp for the first time in the world.  You can really accelerate your jump a lot and get great height when you use the straps the whole time!  It was cool, tried some summies.  Then I went and did laundry and shopping that I did not get done over the weekend.  Whew.  I need sleep tonight!

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