Acrobat doing a handstand on a roadtrip to Arches National Park

Me, the Training Hermit

Flexibility went fine, except that I farted right in my stretching partner’s face.  Poor guy.  Dance was okay, I talked with the teacher about how hard it is for me to keep up with the others, and she said that that is really the whole point, so that I should not worry.  We did some improvisation to music at the end of class for the first time.  It was pretty cool.  The first time it was just us and the music, the second time it was with the added constraint that we needed to have clear stops and use the whole space.  It was cool, like club dancing to weird music.  I looked at the other people.  It’s cool that no one here is terribly self conscious, and that everyone feels good about just moving around.  There is no mocking of each other at all. 

The we broke up into pairs.  I was with The Hotshot.  We had to do call and response, basically, with energy passing from one into the other.  If I move towards his hand and then stop, he moves his hand off in that direction and then continues to motion and the energy.  The teacher singled us out as doing it perfectly and I taught him the phrase “kickass.”  I also taught him the lat slapping thing.  The teacher said “great, now the whole school will be doing that.”  He kept coming up to me, having me show it to one after another person.  They haven’t figured it out yet, and I’m not telling them.  They need to figure it out.  They have thought that it is snapping, clapping, my shorts, all kinds of things. 

Equilibre with the weird woman again.  It’s still useful, but not as inspiring or fun.  It’s funny how the teacher really can affect that stuff.  Tumbling I sat out, and trampo was same as always.  I trained with Byamba again, and he had me do some more strength-intensive things.  It was cool.  He said that he would make me four hand balancing blocks for myself!  I feel like that’s a real honor!  I checked out a Chinese acrobatics book and showed him the handbalancing pictures.  He thought it was cool. When I tried one of the figures, falling from blocks, he told me not to do it out of concern for my wrists.  Byamba is 60 today!  He looks 40. 

After that training, I trained in weights, pullups, pushups, levers, planches, and flexibility.  The usual.  More people tell me that they think I train to hard.  I really don’t see it that way, but they poke fun in a kindhearted way.  I hung out with The Artist and The Clown a bit before the party.  Found out that The Clown saw my audition piece and thought it was pretty good. 

The party was fun, I danced this time and joined in on some of the group antics.  I feel pretty tight with everyone now.  It was coool seeing Byamba outside of the classroom as well.  He’s a cool guy, and he barely talks!  One of the favorites of all the students, though, I think.

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