Circus contortionist performing in an inflatable ball

Happy Isolation

Physical preperation in which I continue to be gimpy.  Actually, I only missed one of the assesment tests.  I think that by missing a class and still doing everything that I possibly can with my injury is still the right way to go.  I was surprised at how good some of the first years were at midsection strength!  I really need to get on that. 

It was fun working with Caroline on tramp today.  I like that she gets my sense of humor.  She worked with Cirque du Soleil for a year after stopping her competitive trampoline due to lack of funds. 

ITA was fun.  I met the Russian coach’s son.  He said that his dad used to be known as the “torture monster” in Russia.  He also said something about the Russian army, and him being very old school.  “Look out.”  I couldn’t master the foot to hand transfer on the cradle, and luckily I did not have to be a porter for that.  It was frustrating, though. 

Still trap was fine.  I am still bored by it.  The Clown was having serious difficulties.  I think he and I both get in our own form of depressive moods.  High bar was same old-same old, but he had me do a few giants today.  He said “the giant for you are no problem.  It is just about form, now.”  I agreed.  Then he told me which of the girls he though were cute. 

Juggling was fine, but I hate unicycle!  I worked with The Trapezist some on stealing balls from each other.  She is fun to work with. 

Hand to hand I tried to be careful with, but it was tough.  We did no handed two person columns, dynamic lifts, and tried to sit down with the other person on our shoulders.  We also did a little hand to foot.  I think I am getting the hang of that stuff. 

After hand to hand I worked with Byamba a little, but I could tell I was tired.  I need to work that stuff anyways.  Very important.  Nutrition was boring, but I had a nice chat with The Flyer about life at the school and her “chum” of three days.  For me, I would have a “blonde.”  She said, “What we are too young for you?” 

Fingers continue to hurt.  Ha ha.  I tape up each knuckle.  Cool. 

Strength work continues.  Levers and planches, every day.  

Interestingly, I get a lot of pressure by my classmates to train less hours since I skipped pizza with them to train for a while longer.  While I was working handstands, unicycle, and juggling, they all gathered outside to make pleading gestures.  Even The Aerialist and The Contortionist got in on the act.  When I went outside I promised that I would party with them tomorrow night. 

My new attitude is that I train at the school.  Period.  Friends are nice, but I need to focus on what I need to do in these three years.

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