Circus acrobat doing a planche

Big Learning Day

Okay. I learned a lot today:
Do not skimp on sleep. No later than 11PM bedtime. Ever!

If I have an injury, tell the teachers right away. I have been working on an injured calf telling myself, “oh, no. It’s okay. It will heal.” As soon as I had identified it as an injury I should have told the teachers.

When I have an injury, I should take ibuprofen constantly and ice it for 30 minutes at a time. This helped my leg tremendously.

I had my first depressive mood in the gym. I need to have a rule that I do not leave the school in a bad mood. I just stuck it out for another two hours doing what ever I felt like, handstands, juggling, trampoline, and I felt great!

Got up late and ran to school to find that I had made it on time. I did, however skip a shower, so I felt gross. Flexibility was okay, but the teacher thinks I am a wimp when actually I am just looking out for my leg.

Dance was fun. That class is actually a lot of stuff to concentrate on. All the combos and such that we do on the floor. My injury really strated to bother me here.

Equilibre was a shock because we did not work with Byamba, and instead worked with a pretty aggressive Montrealer woman who was giving us out “first” equilibre lesson while yelling and braying. Byamba shot me a few sympathetic loks. She did have some good stuff for me to work on, though, mostly the position of my ribcage and my open and closing from the tuck position.

In acro, I started the workout, but then was told to step out when I said that my leg was bothering me. Esteban said I should see the doctor. I iced it for about 40 minutes, and it felt worse.

Next was trampo. When Caroline found out that I was injured, she decided to teach me how to bounce on my back.  Then I added seat-drop combos to it.  I shot through the conditioning and then did some plance work. She said I should do flexibility instead because I am already strong enough.  Yeah, right, but message recieved. I went to Byamba for a real equilibre lesson and that was fun. He taught me the one half arm plance thing, and I can do it pretty well on my right arm alone.

I juggled and The Frenchman taught me how to do the running up the wall thing on the tramp.

Night! I need to get to bed early tonight.


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