Circus acrobat does a handstand on a trashcan in the old port while a student at the Ecole Nationale de Cirque de Montreal

Vanishing Injury

Had a good day on tissus today.  In order to do that, though, I devised a means of taping my fingers just below each knuckle so that I can strain them a little less.  Found out that Caroline is 24.  I think that means she is my age! 

There is a lot of fear involved in leaning an aerial act.  Just being that high does a lot to a person.  Caroline said that we are moving very quickly because I already have the strength.  She also said that she is scared of the tissus, herself.  We need to really start thinking about the act.  The transportation thing is really a concern for the school.  Oh well! 

ITA was fun, but didn’t learn any new skills.  We did Korean cradle again.  I like the coach.  He is the one who said: “Tanabe.  Understand.  How will you lift if your arm is over like that?”  Russian guy.  Very cool. 

Hopefully, I will lean some caopoeira from The Acrobat. 

The high bar bar was easy and fun, we just worked on kips.  Easy.

Then I had juggling. I decided to quit circus school because I hate unicycle, which we started today.  The most boring, unrewarding thing I can imagine, I think.  Learned to circle juggle three balls today.

Then we had a big Lecoq workshop observation thing about balancing the stage.  I was familiar with th excersise, so it helped me understand the first hour or so.  It was fun having the whole school in a room 

Afterwards, we had movement.  At one point we had to do a low horse stance with pelvic drops while the girls had to shout “Oui! Oui!”  Then we had to move in fast/slow patterns.  I was partnered with The Contortionist, and when we had to present in front of the whole group, the next class was watching from outside.  They started laughing at one point, so The Contortionist incorporated giving them the middle finger into her routine.  I tried to integrate a dive roll over her and some breakdancing moves.  It was fun. 

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