Circus acrobat does a handstand on a trashcan in the old port while a student at the National Circus School of Montreal

The Circus Life

Everything seems to be falling into place, and I am definitely finding my place here in the school.  I woke up this morning and felt like crap.  Flexibility was a chore, and I had to tell The Acrobat, my flex partner, to take it easy on my right leg.  Sucks to be injured.  Dance is usually fun, but as I was telling people, I think that Fridays are more a matter of being mentally exhausted.  Additionally, my legs are still sore from physical conditioning.  It sounds like I’m complaining, but I’m really not, it’s just that this is what life is like these days.  Your physical condition is constantly monitored and deeply affects every aspect of your life. 

In the middle of tumbling class, though, when we were doing a vault-like drill, I all of a sudden got a second wind which carried over into my trampoline class.  In tramp we have half an hour of conditioning and half an hour of tramp, but I finished the conditioning so early that I sat in on the flex 3 class just to stay active.  It’s pretty fun to have all the classes going on at the same time. 

After classes ended, I did strap and planche strength, and then hung out and worked on my juggling which is getting much better, actually.  Finally, I hung out with The Clown and The Artist outside while they had a cigarette.  They were “teaching me how to relax.”  The Clown says that I am too fanatical about training.  We then hit the weight room and I did my workout there.  I think I will try to do it twice a week and the straps and planche three times a week.  We’ll see.  

The secondary kids are really fun.  The Clown and I did banquine with some of them without the coach, and with one of the younger boys running all around saying “I’m a little girl.”  I tried porting for it too, and it hurts like hell.  All the more reason to be a flyer, I think.

After going for some McDonalds (expensive, but fast), The Clown, The Frenchman, and a few of the other older students drove to a cabaret show that one of them is somehow connected with.  With the five people in the car, it really did feel like we were circus students! 

The cabaret was all in French, but the little I did understand was pretty funny.  There was a contortionist/clown in the show who I thought was really funny.

Hopefully all of the first years that I know will get together tomorrow to hang out around montreal. 

The trip how was fun.  The other muscular guy was with us, and he was making like he was going to do side summies off of tables and did handstands on the table and on the metro.  The Frenchman and him and I were doing some Chinese pole on the metro too.  The Clown and him and The Frenchman and I were doing the pink panther theme and putting on a show for The Aerialist who says that we are all “pas possible.”  She’s funny. 

When I left, they dared me to do something cool to get off the train, and with no time to think about it, I managed a back tuck from the train to the platform without hitting the door frame, which they seemed to think was satisfactory.  So there you go.  Circus students on the street.  We’re not like those normal people.  Thank god!  I’m in heaven right now! 


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