Circus school students playing around in the shower of the Ecole National de Cirque de Montreal

Time To Step It Back a Little

My damn calf injury is still bothering me, so I decided to take it easy today.  We started with physical preparation, and today was a bit of an assessment.  It was not too hard, but it still took a lot out of me for the rest of the day.  We had to do a lot of stuff as many times as we could in a minute, and then we had to do 3 sets of push ups and two sets of 5-15 pullups.  I managed two sets of 15…  I really need to figure out this weekly routine for myself. 

Tissu/tramp was fun.  Working one-on-one with Caroline is much better than the little bit of help I get in the half hour regular trampoline sessions.  I hope she’s not too frustrated working with me since a lot of this stuff is coming very slowly, but she says that she likes starting from the beginning so that there are no bad habits to overcome.  I can understand that.  There is a lot of technique, but I learned that you really need to gainer back rotation stuff and that everything should be allowed to take a lot of time, unlike in floor tumbling. 

Juggling is okay, better than I thought it would be.  I learned how to bounce juggle three balls!  What I’m really enjoying right now, however, is rolling juggling, where you roll three balls around in these cool patterns that make them look as though they are following each other around. 

ITA was super fun, but again, I’m stuck being a porter when I want to be the flyer.  We did regular cradle today, which is where you hang from your knees.  It was fun.  The Clown is so funny because he is so terribly afraid of heights.  And The Trapezist, (the flying trap girl), was his partner.  She really is good about hiding her experience so that no one feels like she is sick of us.  The Clown was sweating like mad, but trying to be so positive.  It was great. 

I teamed up with another first-year at the end to do double cradle (two porters, one flyer) pretty fun, and we were successful.  We did it with two other first year girls.  They are really cool.  I also did swinging trap, but nothing cool.  Didn’t get a chance to do and high bar work, but oh, well.  I did do some basic banquine stuff with another first year, though.  I liked the way the Russian coach corrected my technique.  “Tanabe. Understand.  How can I give push if I am under like this?”  Very cool. 

People continue to be amazed at the amount I eat.  I really don’t think that it is too much, but I am feeling great. 

Hand to hand was fun, but again I am stuck being the base.  We did two person column, knee balancing, dynamic lift from behind into two person column, foot to hand, and some easier pyramids in which the top hooks their feet around the neck of the base.  Hand to hand is much more tiring for the men, I think! 

I was working a bit on straps, just to get these damn front and back levers, when I was taught a sort of sideways lever by a guy I don’t know.  It’s hard.  Additionally, I keep getting planches requested from two of the high school students.  It’s a good way to stay in shape, that way, I guess.  I need to improve these things! 

Worked on handstands for a half an hour on my own today.  Shoulders did not hurt, but they were really tired.  I figure I can judge handstand endurance by the length of each individual trial as well as the total time spent in a handstand per day.  I still don’t know what will come of Byamba talking to Daniela, yet. 

Nutrition was boring, because it is all in French, but I took the opportunity to remember the names of everyone I had been trying to meet.

A bunch of us went out to pizza afterwards, and I convinced The Contortionist to come too.

Pizza was fun.  Despite the language and cultural differences I think being American gives me a bit of an advantage to be more extroverted, actually.  The weather here has been pretty cool, although I think today was warm.  It’s not like I ever get outside, though!

Ah well.  Good night.

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