Ecole Nationale de Cirque de Montreal's first year class


Back to early days, but I wimped out and left around 6:30 to shop and finish moving in to my room.  Had my first flexibility class with The Contortionist and a bunch of other kids.  I was the second worst in the class, but nonetheless, I think that I will improve quickly with Byamba’s help. 

I’m learning some cool stuff from my Brazilian (?) tumbling coach.  He’s helping me with a lot of my basic tumbling. 

Trampoline is going, but man, it’s frustrating to spend so much time learning these beginner skills.  Ah well.  Necessary. 

Also had my first dance class.  My only strength here is that I am pretty good at rhythm and memorizing steps.  I think that they are trying to develop our ability to memorize things right from the get go, which I am looking forward to.  I am also looking forward to developing correct body position and all that.  The teacher liked my definition of dance:  “movement or stillness with or without music.”  

I was eating my huge lunch today and The Tumbler was laughing about all the food that I had around me.  He said “in a week, everyone will be doing what you do.”  

I also talked with The Contortionist about how many times in a day we say “Un peu.” We estimate about a hundred.   

Byamba approched me today after my second hour of handbalancing to ask if I wanted to work with him officially more regularly.  With Straps Guy translating, he said that I have a lot of talent and the right body for it.  Also, I think he likes that I work hard.  During flexibility with him, though, I feel a lot of sharp pain in my calf.  I have to check that!  Anyway, I hope that he wasn’t talking about changing minors, because I really want to keep working with Caroline on tissus/tramp.  He and I will talk to the head of education tomorrow. 

Tonight I walked home with The Clown and The Tumbler, and we ran into The Aerialist.  They briefed me on Quebecer etiquette.  I learned that I need to shake hands when I say goodbye and kiss girls when I say goodbye.  I hope they don’t think that I’m a total jerk by now!  The Clown made up a really funny stupid clown character that cracked us all up.  God, he’s good at that stuff.

We also talked about girls and stuff.  The Tumbler has a crush on someone (don’t know who), and The Clown says that all the guys think that The Contortionist is beautiful, but they all agree that she and I would make the best couple despite the age difference, which he says doesn’t matter.  I don’t know.  It feels like summer camp gossip, but it’s fun.   

Anyway, looking forward to tomorrows ITA and Tissus/tramp.

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