First year circus students at the National Circus School of Montreal outside of a big top

First Full Day of Training

Day started at 7:30, got to the gym at 8:00.  Jeu class was awesome, and not nearly as hard as I had expected, probably because it is being translated for us right now.

I did three hours of voluntary handbalancing (my real handbalancing and my fil de fer class were cancelled due to teacher absence).  I am feeling pretty good with one arms right now, and my two arm feels really nice and steady.  I want to hit one two armed handstand for a minute before the end of the week.

New exercise:  balance with one hand on the stalk and one hand on the ground for one arm work.  Tough!

Tumbling was fun and not too hard, Noah, my second coach from the MIT gymnastics team gave me really good background for that.  Tramp was hard only because I do not have the technique, but I trust that I will get that down pretty quickly.

 Straps Guy asked me if I wanted to try banquine today, and I said “of course!”  I learned how to do a layout out of the porters.  It is pretty tough timing to get down, though.  Well it’s late, so here’s a few quick thoughts:

The Contortionist is turning out to be pretty cool and much older acting than I thought she would be.  We have a more playful and sarcastic relationship now which I enjoy.

The American is warming up a little bit, and she and The Contortionist have hit it off.

I have a lot of fun with The Aerialist and learning each others languages is proving to be a good way to become friends.

Alright.  Enough for tonight.

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