Circus acrobat doing a handstand in front of 77 Mass Ave (MIT)

Eve for the Acrobat

The party was pretty fun.  The best part was actually taking the Metro to the house with the other six of the first years who actually hang out together.  For lack of a better name, I’ll call this the “crew,” made up of myself, The Contortionist, The Clown, The Tumbler, The Aerialist, The Artist, and The Frenchman.

When we first got to the party, a huge cry went up, and all of the first years had to go through the initiation of drinking a shot of liquor while standing on their hands.  I stood there all nervous as one after another of the first years drank their shot.  I was the last one left, and Cool Guy said “Okay, now your turn.”  I told him I didn’t drink, and he was disappointed, but when I told him that I had kiwi strawberry juice, he said to use that instead.  I went ahead.  I guess I had the biggest shot of the night, because the people we fooled were pretty impressed.  I further impressed them by doing a one-armed handstand to drink it all down (people were holding me up).  I’ve been pretty happy to find that no one really seems to care that I don’t drink.

The Mentor did a really funny dancing character while two of the girl students danced around him sexily.  Pretty funny.  He also got into a silly altercation with Cool Guy, and ended up trying to tear Cool Guy’s hat.  Cool Guy said “He is a fucking clown  I think I am hating clowns.”  Got to talk more with The Aerialist, and also met a few of the other students.  I’m glad I went.  Classes start tomorrow, and I want to get to e-mailing people, so goodnight!

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