Interiro of the Ecole Nationale de Cirque in 2001

What I Did Over Summer Vacation

Didn’t sleep well due to muscle pain.  Oh well.  Got to the school about ten to ten, and there was a huge gathering of students outside.  Met up with The Clown, The Contortionist, and them, and just sort of hung out until they opened the doors at 10.  We all made our way into the school and they herded us into the chapiteau where mats had been set up as bleachers of sorts.

Finally got to see The American again.  She is a bit of a snobby seeming person.  Too bad, really.  I hope she can thaw out a bit so that she might fit in a little better. She has been teaching yoga in NYC.  Good money, she says, and she just happened across the school doing an internet search.

All of the staff of the school came out behind little grates while the finale music from the annual show played in the background.  They all broke out into a parody of the choreography that closed the show.  Then there were general introductions of all the teachers (Byamba for some reason did not show up).  Then all of the student classes went up one after another to introduce themselves. There are a lot of students at the school that I have not met yet.  Some people seemed pretty funny.  The Mentor showed up late on purpose and did a funny sketch in a clown character.

After that we had boring boring boring stuff where we had to get herded from one classroom to another.  Basic registration, safety introduction, artistic basics.  All in French and all boring.  I was happy that The Contortionist sat next to me of her own accord for the opening and for the first classroom crap.  I think that The Artist also thinks she is kind of cute. 

It was hard to really meet anyone or anything due to the hectic nature of the day and all the reunions and stuff. 

I do know now The Hotshot, who is the sort of brash but cool little secondary kid, and also his friend The Trampolinist, the eighteenth ranked trampolinist in the world.

The Tumbler, The Clown, The Artist, The Aerialist, The Contortionist, and The Frenchman and I all went to Ban Thai for dinner.  It was fun.  I practiced French on the way, and The Aerialist wanted to practice English on me.  She is very nice.  We all decided to meet at the Metro at nine to go to the party, and that’s where I need to go in an hour or so. 

The seven of us are hitting it off well, we are now talking about potential matches in the school, and I remain strategically distanced.  They also had a crazy idea for the first-years’ presentation in which I fall off tissus and they all beat me to death.  Cirque Noir.  The Clown is the ringleader for this craziness.  I definitely have the reputation of being a bit straight edge here, but they don’t seem to mind, and I definitely don’t mind them.


Man, I better get some sleep before I go to this party.  There will probably be a lot to write about tomorrow.

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