MIT gymnasts competing in the Iron Max

Farewell Email to MIT Men’s Gymnastics Team

After hanging out with max a bit after practice today (in town til saturday) I was inspired to go back and find this email from three (!) years ago about Iron and Brass Maxes.  Note the pathetic records.  on the other hand, we had to do it all in 90 minutes.  anyone remember what our second year records were? 

Anyway.  Hi Max! 

So the gym will be taken down tomorrow, ending all brass/iron max’s until sometime after graduation.  for those of us leaving Boston for the summer, it marks the last group Iron Max until September. 

This is a primer for those of us who have not attended an Iron Max or for those of us who will now need to carry on the weekly tradition of exhausting ourselves in solitude: 


              Walk through:

                           5 chin-ups

                           roll over the bar

                           4 pull ups

                           muscle-up over the bar

                           roll over the bar

                           5 dips

                           5 circles (or some other body-tightening thing like chinese push ups or body-tightener rolls)

                           2 punch-fronts

                           5 v-ups

                           Squat jumps down the length of the floor

                           5 leg raises to the bar

                           muscle-up to handstand on rings

                           climb a rope.


                           Do all of the above, but time yourself.  Faster is better.

                           Record: 1:35 (JC)



              Do all of the following (the prescribed order is the customary one) until you can’t do no more:  The record # is to the right of the event.

                           Cross w/ straps               0:47

                           L-Hold                              0:42

                           Handstand                       2:05

                           Bicep Hold                       1:12

                           Dips                                  53  

                           Humpin’ the Horse         30  

                           V-Ups                               75  

                           Rope Climb                      4.0s

                           Wings                               150 

                           Muscle-Ups                     9    

                           Back Tucks/Minute         23  

                           Pull-Ups                           18  

                           Swing-Dips                       30  

                           Wide-Arm Pull-Ups         16  

                           Press-Handstand             7

                           Ring Pull-Ups                   26 

                           Handstand Push-Ups      25 

                           Jumps/Minute                 59 


A word on judging/What the exercises are (Yes, you get judged; this is gymnastics!):


So this is a competition.  We can’t have people cheating. Obviously, a lot of us are asking questions like “well, what makes a dip,” or “wouldn’t 75 v-ups in 10 minutes be the same as 75 in a minute and a half?”  well, Iron Max says no.


              General Rules:


              -There is a loose time limit.  Try to get all the exercises done in an hour and a half.  This is about the average time it should take one person to do all these events.

              -Judge yourself harshly.

              -Beat your previous high score.

              -In general, you can rest in support position on an apparatus.  this does not include lying on the floor.


              Event rules/What they are:


              Cross Strength:

                           -Done with straps at elbows

                           -Start timing when arms are horizontal

                           -Stop timing when feet touch ground.


                           -Done on bars.

                           -Heels must be above bar level.


                           -On apparatus of your choice.

                           -If you do it against the wall, you must continuously tap the wall with your heels; you can not be on the wall for more than an instant.

                           -No, if you fall you do not get to start over.  Better luck next week.

              Bicep Hold:

                           -Done in pull-up or ‘back of hands to you’ grip.

                           -start when chin is above bar

                           -stop when chin dips below bar


                           -You must dip down until the bars are at nipple level.

                           -You must excersise full rang-of-motion; go all the way up.

              Humpin’ the Horse:

                           -done with five pound weights on each foot.

                           -Start with top half of your body on the horse with your body straight and horizontal.

                           -arch up to about 20 degrees.

                           -do not let your feet go below horizontal.


                           -Touch your toes (at least make an effort)

                           -You may hit the ground but not rest or bounce off it.


                           -2 pound weights on each foot.

                           -Start timing when butt leaves ground.

                           -Stop when you hit whatever the rope is hanging from.

                           -You get two attempts.


                           -Hang in the arm support on the p-bars.

                           -flap those wings.

                           -full range of motion.  as high as you can go, as low as you can go.


                           -You know.

              Back Tucks/Minute:

                           -You have one minute.  do a million back tucks.

                           -How many did you do?

                           -Anything coming more than half way around counts as a back tuck.


                           -No bouncing, swinging, or jerking.

              Swing dips:

                           -Dip on the forward swing.

                           -You must dip so that the bars go to nipple level.

              Wide-Arm pull-ups:

                           -You are in chin-up or ‘back of hands facing away’ grip.

                           -Your arms should make an angle of 90 degrees.

                           -No bouncing, swinging, or jerking.

              Press Handstands:

                           -NO JUMPING

                           -On any apparatus you want.

                           -Only count good ones.

              Ring pull-ups:

                           -These are like reverse push-ups.

                           -Keep your body straight.

                           -Your feet should be supported such that when you hang, they are the only things touching anything and you are below horizontal with your feet being the highest part.

              Handstand Push-ups:

                           -Any Apparatus you want.

                           -You can lean.

                           -Go all the way down

                           -Go all the way up.


                           -Jump from the floor to something about waist height.

                           -These should not be squat jumps so much as punches.